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Back in 1971 the London Bridge  was dedicated in it's new home Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The bridge was purchased by Robert P. McCulloch in London, England disasembled stone by stone and shipped across the ocean to it's new home. Then the English Village, an unique shopping village was born.  Shortly after that Bob and Judi Lancaster opened the "London Bridge Candle Shoppe".  The shoppe started out  with Bob and Judi creating the  unique hand sculptured candles, an art from the 1800's, and grew into the shoppe we have today some 30 years later.

Each of our hand sculptured candles starts out in a star shaped mold. The mold is wicked then poured with our high melting point wax and then left to cool.  When the mold is cooled, the wax core is removed. The core is then dipped in 20-30 layers of hot wax and then the artist has 8 minutes to complete the sculpture.   No two are alike, each candle is an unique piece of art. Even though Bob and Judi have long retired the candles are still made with the same pride as back when they started creating them.

Our customers that have visited our shop love to watch our deminstrations of  candles being made, from the pouring of our cores ,to seeing our hand sculpturing before their eyes, or watching our animal candles being hand dipped and hand painted with wax to create the beautiful finished product . They then browse our shop to see all the candles and our unique selection of gift items.

As requested by our many wonderful customers , I have created our website. I hope you enjoy shopping our shoppe on the web.  Our products are made with pride and we stand behind them 100%. If you have any questions  please feel free to contact me at info@londonbridgecandles.Com or you can call us at 928-855-9097.

Have a great day and happy shopping!

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